Why Engage Agents?

  • Higher Approval Rate
    We have a 99.9% Approval and 100% Satisfaction rating to make sure every applications are successful. 
    Helping you plan for a better tomorrow, Today.


  • Licensed Agent
    We are a licensed agent that is authorized and governed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.
    We ensure that the processes are handled by professional agents.

  • Hassle-Free
    Furthermore, Agents help save the time and energy needed to travel multiple times for the purpose of applying the MM2H program.

  • Reduce any possible trial and error
    Agents are experienced veterans in the MM2H program that will ensure all documentations are proper and accurate prior to the submission of the applications.

  • After-Service Supports
    Our agents can assist with any issues throughout your future life in Malaysia.
    Moreover, we can also assist you in finding a home and school for your children.