MM2H Requirements Terms and Conditions

MM2H Requirements Terms and Conditions

MM2H Eligibility

The MM2H Programme is an open source to all other foreign countries and recognised by the Malaysian government. This programme has numerous requirements. It includes a minimum monthly income, minimum liquid assets, a fixed deposit, etc, The  foreign spouses of Malaysian citizens are not allowed to apply for the MM2H visa. If you choose an agent they must be authorised by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Our company A& W MM2H in KL, Malaysia is an approved agent for the programme. If you apply via the agent to this MM2H programme and start the initial application process without even coming to Malaysia. For the next process, you have to be in Malaysia when the letter of conditional approval” is issued and you complete the remaining procedures  and collect the visa.

Upon Application – Financial Requirements For MM2H

Applicants or MM2H users are required to show they have sufficient bank balance or financial resources to reside in Malaysia without seeking employment or other assistance from the government.

Applicants under the age of 50 are required to show liquid assets above RM500,000 and a monthly income of over RM10,000 (equivalent).

Applicants above the age of 50 have to show liquid assets over RM350,000, and a monthly income over RM10,000.

Acceptable liquid assets for a people above the age of 50 include cash in the bank, bonds and securities.

For Approval – Fixed Deposit Requirements For MM2H

All applicants or MM2H users  have to make a Fixed Deposit based on their age, as follows:

i) MM2Hers aged below 50 years old:

  • The applicants should have a fixed deposit in a bank account in Malaysia of RM300,000
  • The applicants can withdraw up to RM150,000 for buying a house, medical insurance or children’s education expenses after the deposit has been placed in Malaysian bank for one year.
  • The Applicants can also withdraw a part of their fixed deposit after two years for a car purchase.
  • The applicants must maintain a minimum balance of RM150,000 from second year onwards, until completion of this MM2H process.

ii) MM2Hers aged 50 years and above:

  • Applicants should have a Fixed Deposit of RM 150,000 in a Malaysian bank
  • After one year applicants can withdraw up to RM50,000 from the fixed deposit to purchase the house, medical insurance or children’s education expenses.
  • After two years applicants can withdraw a small part from their fixed deposit to purchase the car.
  • Applicants should maintain a minimum balance of RM100,000 until their stay in Malaysia under this MM2H programme.

iii) Employment/Business Investment Rules for MM2Hers

  • MM2H visa holders 50 years old and above the age of 50 can work for up to 20 hours per week.
  • This is only applicable for MM2H visa holders who have specialised skills in certain approved sectors.
  • MM2Hers are permitted to own or invest in business merely in Malaysia

Sponsor/Security (Personal) Bond

All applicants of the MM2H programme require a Malaysian sponsor to support their application process. Also, they have to submit  a personal bond up to RM2000 before the issue of visa. If the applicant is applying the process via an agency, they will arrange all the requirements to apply.

Insurance/Medical Insurance for MM2Hers

The MM2Hers and their dependents can claim medical insurance coverage from any insurance company which resides in Malaysia. This scheme is valid only in Malaysia. This scheme is waived for the applicants who have an age 50 and above 50 years old. All the MM2Hers are supposed to be register in any clinic in Malaysia or supposed to write a medical examination from any private hospital. Once a conditional approval letter is issued then these conditions are will be solved.


Dependants such as children below 21 years of age, step children, disabled children and parents are allowed to join with the applicants under their MM2H visa. The children above the age of 21 have to get a separate visa. The children of the applicants are attending school in Malaysia can apply for a student pass to continue their education in a school recognised by the government.

Security Verification

Police verification will be held for MM2H applicants. Hence MM2Hers are supposed to show a police clearance certificate ( Good Conduct Certificate)  from their home town to show that the applicant is not involved in any criminal issues.


Successful applicants are not permitted to participate in any immoral activities because that can be considered as sensitive by the local people.

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