MM2H Application Procedures

MM2H applicants have the choice of utilizing an approved MM2H agent or presenting their application straightforwardly. Doing it without anyone else’s help is best for the individuals who effectively meet the requirements and wouldn’t fret finding their way around the different government divisions. A common complaint is the frequent rule changes, which can make it harder for those creating their applications. Using an expert agent like us will make the procedure much simpler and avoid the need to place a cash security bond (the agent will sponsor you) but of course, involves paying the agent their fee.

All agents must be approved by the Ministry of Tourism. These can be distinguished by the initials (MM2H) in their organization name. We are an approved MM2H agent and can help with your application. Our fees are fixed below the rules set by the Ministry.

How Long Does It Take?

The official period for approval (or decrease) is 90 days after submission. However, the MM2H department is at present confronting a genuine overabundance and it is taking much longer. At the end of last year (2018) the administration chose to move approval authority to the Ministry of Home Affairs which is liable for national security. This seems, to be because they wish to tighten the security check on new candidates. Unfortunately, the Ministry Of Home Affairs won’t furnish us with an estimate of the time they will take to approve applications. we advise assuming it will take six months from submission to approval of the MM2H programme.

The MM2H Application

Applications can be submitted while the participants are in Malaysia or from other countries. When the panel audits the documents and approves the application, they will give a letter of ‘Contingent Approval’.  As of now, the candidate has a half year to finish the remaining conditions (get medical insurance, complete the clinical assessment and open the fixed deposit) and gather the visa.

The documents are required to complete the application process, some at the time of original submission and others once the letter of conditional approval is received.

Visa collection 

While collecting the visa the following documents should be submitted.

Evidence of placing the Fixed Deposit – if applying under these measures

Copy of Malaysian medical coverage or universal medical coverage; the health care coverage must be valid for a minimum of 1 year from the date of endorsement or it should state it is auto-sustainable.

Medical check-up form (RB11), finished by any nearby centre or hospital in Malaysia

Letter of Good Conduct from the nation of origin or the nation where the candidate is currently living. The letter of good direct can’t be older than a half year from the time of accommodation or endorsement of visa.

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