Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): What Do You Need To Apply For The MM2H Visa?

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): What Do You Need To Apply For The MM2H Visa?

The applicants for MM2H visas will be required to submit a range of supporting documents. The applicants can apply through online or through a registered agent/ agency. (Note Peninsular Malaysia only)

Letter of application: A covering letter from the MM2H applicant

Copy of resume: Attach the academic qualifications, work experience, skills or experience acquired.

3 copies of IM.12 Form: Applicants should include three copies of the IM.12 Social Visit Pass form. (One original and two photocopied copies). Each MM2H applicant must complete it individually.

4 passport size photos:  Applicants have to submit four coloured passport photographs, taken against a blue background.

Copy of passport/travel document:  Applicants have to attach a full copy of the passport or travel document, including any page with an entrance or exit stamp.

Letter of good conduct: The main applicant should include a letter of good conduct from the applicant’s originating country, such as a police report or letter from an embassy.

Self-declaration of medical condition: Have to include a completed self-declaration form stating any medical history or conditions relevant for all participants.

Certified copy of marriage certificate (if the applicant is accompanied by spouse).

Certified copy of birth certificates (if the MM2H accompanied by children or parents).

Certified copy of bank statements:  MM2H applicants must include relevant bank statements, salary slips and financial documents to ensure proof of income.

There might be other required documentation depending on your particular circumstances. At last, all final requirements ought to be checked by the relevant agent or by the registered MM2H agency.

What To Do If You’re Scared Of Paperwork?

Remember, while the paperwork might look kind of scary, here you can seek help from a licensed agent that is governed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to apply the MM2H program in peninsular Malaysia.

These professional agents will undertake the application process in a smooth and orderly way.

A good agent will assist you throughout your future life in Malaysia.

What Happens When You’re Approved For This MM2H programme

Once the application process is complete or everything goes in a smooth and orderly way then you will be contacted to confirm your application has been successful and provided with a Conditional Approval Letter.

That means you have to enter Malaysia to begin the process of completing the final steps  of settling in Malaysia.

Here’s a list of things that you should take note once you are approved for this MM2H Program


 Below Age 50 50 And Above Age 50

Fixed Deposit Requirement

RM 300,000 RM 150,000

Withdrawal Limit From Second Year

RM 150,000 RM 50,000

Minimum Balance In Your Account

RM300,000 in first year RM150,000 first year

RM150,000 from year two

RM100,000 from year two


MM2H is a great scheme for those looking to discover your future in Malaysia. Contact us for further queries related to the  MM2H program

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