Frequently Asked Questions on the MM2H Programme

Malaysia My Second Home Program offers non-Malaysians a ten-year renewable visa and also offers different benefits. The programme is primarily attracting people who wish to retire in Malaysia or wish to spend the rest of their life. Our MM2H website has all the information one needs to find out about the program, but we still do get a lot of enquiries on different inquiries. Here are the three most generally posed inquiries we get on the MM2H program.

Why Join the Program and What are the Benefits.

The MM2H program permits you to live in Malaysia for a long time with a multiple entry visa that is renewable. This implies you are permitted with multiple entries and exit from the nation. Another important advantage is that MM2H applicants can apply for bank credit in Malaysia to buy a property. There is a base value, which has changed more than once on ongoing years and varies depending upon the state. There is a base value, which has changed more than once on ongoing years and varies depending upon the state.  All property buyers need to get state approval, which can take as long as a half year to secure. Additionally, an applicant can decide to either import one vehicle, which already belongs to him,  from his nation of residence subject to approved license (AP), which is absolved payment of import duty OR buy one locally made vehicle in Malaysia free of any taxes.

Can a MM2H Participant Work While Under the Programme?


MM2H visa holders aged 50 years of age or more can work for as long as 20 hours every week.  This is relevant to visa holders who have particular abilities in certain approved divisions. We have advised the decision on whether to affirm part-time work depends on the approving board of trustees see on whether a Malaysian could do the job.


MM2H applicants are allowed to set up and invest in organizations in Malaysia. They will be subject to the same regulations as other foreign investors but will not be won’t be allowed to turn out to be effectively engaged with the everyday running of the business. On the off chance that they wish to do this, they should change their visa to a work permit.


What Happens When the 10 Year Visa is Up?

You can apply for a  renewal for an additional 10 years. The application methodology for a renewal is simpler than your first application. Likewise, the renewal should be possible a few months before your old MM2H visa terminates.

When can I withdraw my fixed deposit?
You can withdraw the Fixed Deposit once when you leave the program. A partial withdrawal is allowed following one year, yet those more than 50 and above must maintain a minimum of RM 100,000 on Fixed Deposit, and those under 50 – RM150,000. A partial withdrawal is just permitted to cover the accompanying – property buy, vehicle buy, education of children and clinical costs.

Are the financial deposits required for each adult and child that apply for MM2H?

The fixed deposit placement only has to be made by the main MM2H applicant. Dependents are not required to keep fixed deposit.


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