MM2H Visa Permit Fees

USD3600 per family. (no matter how many dependent / family member) 

No.Application CostsAmountPayable to
1.Application Fees per ClientUSD 3600 per whole familyThe Company
2.Travel visa pass Fee*Subject to each country Consular Office in respective Country
3.Medical Check-upRM100.00 per personSelected hospital / Clinic in Malaysia
4.Medical Insurance ExpensesApproximately RM500.00 – RM2,000.00 per year per personSelected Insurance Company in Malaysia
5.MM2H Visa Fee,MEV,JP visa feesRM90/yr, RM10-50/yr, RM500-550 (if require)Immigration Office in Malaysia
6.Document Translation serviceRM100.00 – RM200.00 per pageTranslation Centre
Appeal & Refund Policy:
  • Appeal against first rejections will be done free of charge in terms with the Ministry’s requirements.
  • Refund will be given back in FULL after second rejection.
  • If rejection is due to the applicants’ negligence, failure to provide correct, accurate or insufficient documents for application no refund will be given.
  • No refunds will be entertained if the applicant has not fulfilled the Ministry’s terms, conditions requirements and procedures of the Malaysia My Second Home program.
  • No refunds accepted if rejection based on Government Sanctions/regulations and/or Security failure etc towards an individual applicant or country.