Benefits of MM2H Visa

No taxes on foreign settlements into Malaysia. Your salary and pension can be remitted here without any taxes.

  • You are permitted to buy medical insurance from insurance agencies operating in Malaysia. We were educated that Malaysian insurance is very competitively priced.
  • You can bring in your pets and used household impacts tax-free
  • You can bring your maid who has worked for you before you move to Malaysia.
  • Parents of the main applicant (not the parents of the life partner) who are more than 60 years old of age can be made dependents of the visa. He/She can bring their parents as dependants under renewable 6-month visa.
  • Children with the MM2H visa are permitted to study in nearby non-public schools and universities.
  • Grandfather clause. You recharge the MM2H visa (at regular intervals) with the same set of necessities that you have used during application. There will be no surprises and generally, renewing the MM2H visa is simple.
  • If there are new MM2H visa benefits, you get to enjoy them although it is not present during the time of your application.

The following benefits are the features that makes this MM2H program stands out ( as compared  with other countries retirement / long term visa):

  • No “minimum days to remain in Malaysia” requirement. You can get the visa and
  • start remaining 20 or after 30 years
  • You can remain in Malaysia for as long as you like. You can start saying immediately after getting the visa and never leave Malaysia. You simply need to renew your passport/ identification at the department in Malaysia.
  • MM2H is renewable at regular intervals(10 years ) and it can go on indefinitely. No stresses over “I am not remaining in Malaysia and the visa is a waste”
  • You are given multiple-entry visas and you can go in/out of Malaysia as many times as you like without informing the higher authorities.
  • You are not required to purchase or lease a property. You are not required to have an address in Malaysia. You can remain with your friends/companions or not even, remaining here at all.
  • You don’t need to answer to anybody or any authorities on where you remain. You can remain anyplace you like (Except Sabah and Sarawak).
  • The minimum age is low at “over 21 years of age” and we have numerous youthful business entrepreneurs, particularly those working on the internet remaining in Malaysia under this program. Along these lines, Thus MM2H isn’t a retirement visa yet a long term visa as those entrepreneurs are not at retirement age.

In Malaysia, English is generally spoken and understood by the Malaysians; the rule of law is fairly severe; MM2H holders are dealt with more like local people than foreigners; legacy law is observed and there are no legacy charges; Malaysian people are friendly and it is and it is from their heart and not a hypocrisy; properties are bought under ones’ name and not under an organisation; outbreaks of violence isn’t endured; racial and religion tolerance is the standard and broadly accepted as it brings prosperity and harmony and lastly, Malaysia has extraordinary infrastructures that are comparable to developed countries but with a lower cost of living.

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